About Me

Tom Jakob

Location: Richmond, VA / Manhattan, NY
Alma Mater: Virginia Commonwealth University
Hobbies: Hiking, Tennis, 8-Ball Pool, Banjo

There is nowhere in this world I fear when behind a camera.

I began taking pictures and video at 15 years old after whimsically deciding to enroll in my high school's photography class.  Little did I know how much of a profound impact that decision would have on the rest of my life. Since that day, I have applied these skills to a whole host of projects and events.

My camera has followed me on a wide variety of adventures; from mountain tops, to desert valleys; courthouses, to courthouse steps; farms, to skyscrapers. Through its lens, I've gotten to capture many exciting and important events, such as Black Lives Matter protests, restaurant openings, and IronMan races. 

Part of what I love about photography is how conducive it is to my other passion. As a published journalist, the privilege I enjoy of providing a voice to the voiceless is among the most fulfilling and humbling available in this world of ours. For the same token, photography allows me to meet many different people for many different reasons. And what I love most about that is the excitement of providing someone with ever-lasting memories that might otherwise not exist, or exist differently.

No matter the job, I look forward to working with you to save as many memories of it as possible!

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